The Honorary Vice Consulate in Trondheim is a representative office run by the Honorary Vice Consul, i.e. a non-career citizen, who acts, free of charge and voluntarily, at the request of the sending state (Italy) after authorization by the State recipient (Norway) called exequatur.
It carries out bureaucratic functions, not of international law and operates in close dependence of its super-ordinate office, that is the Embassy of Italy in Oslo.

What is it for

It offers assistance to italians registered in AIRE (Registry of Italians Resident Abroad) who are temporarily or permanently in the Trøndelag.

In order to offer the most efficient and fast service possible, it is highly recommended to carefully read the information available on the website of the Italian Embassy in Oslo before contacting this office:

Official website
Italian Embassy in Oslo

The services directly offered by this office are always carried out in concert with the Embassy and are described in detail on the ” Services ” page of this site.

There are the most common paperworks:

  • Administrative signature authentications
  • Legalization of photographs
  • Certificates of existence in life for retirement purposes
  • Delivery of identity documents

If you need to contact this office to request an appointment, click here:

Only in case of extreme necessity and urgency, contact the Vice Consul by phone here: